CHART Architecture Competition Brief soon to be launched! Check out our FAQs..

Q: Are the pavilions required to have a roof?

A: Yes, all pavilions should have a roof within the required size specifications, which are 4×4 meters and no more than 6 meters high.



Q: Is it possible to alter the immediate environment of the pavilions for construction purposes?

A: The courtyards and buildings of Charlottenborg are protected and the pavilions must not damage or alter the environment they are set within.



Q: Are the pavilions allowed to be fastened to the ground?

A: No, the pavilions must be freestanding structures.



Q: Are we allowed to self-fund additional costs for the production of our pavilion that exceed the construction budget of DKK35.000?

A: No, the pavilions must be built within the allocated budget. However, teams are encouraged to seek sponsorships from producers where relevant.


Q: Are pavilions allowed to exceed one-storey?

A: For safety reasons the pavilions must not exceed one-storey and should be ground level structures.


Q: Am I allowed to submit a proposal if I have a professional or personal relationship with a member of the jury?

A: Yes, all submissions will be judged by the jury members anonymously.


Q: I currently work as an architect but graduated within the five last years. Am I eligible to apply?

A: If you have graduated within five years you are eligible to apply.


Q: I wasn’t born in the Nordic region, am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes, provided that you have studied at school in the Nordic region.


Q: I am a young architect living and working in the Nordic region but do not possess any qualification from a Nordic school, am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes, providing you have graduated within the last 5 years.


Q: One of our prospective teammates didn’t study at a Nordic school and doesn’t work in the Nordic region, are we will eligible to apply?

A: Yes, we still would welcome an application.


Q: I didn’t study in the Nordic region but I am currently working/interning in the Nordic region, am I eligible to apply?

A: Yes, you  would be considered eligible.


Q: I am a bachelor student at a Nordic architecture academy, can I apply?

A: You have to be a graduate student to submit a proposal – we hope to hear from you when you are a bit further along in your studies.


If you’re still unsure about your eligibility to apply, please don’t hesitate to contact

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