CHART 2019 music programme showcases conceptual DJ sets and live performances by Nordics artists


27 August 2019


CHART 2019

Portrait of August Rosenbaum.

Friday 30 August, reputable musicians and contemporary artists in conceptual DJ-sets, will open CHART 2019 at our renowned Friday Night Opening Concert. The concerts showcase the most interesting young artists in the Nordic music scene today. The acts will produce cross-disciplinary performances creating audio-visual shows, either in collaboration with other artists or utilising their own work as visual artists. But out music programme doesn’t stop there, as it continues throughout the entire weekend, and on both Saturday and Sunday you can attend concerts and musical performances by prominent artists, composers and musicians.




Ydegirl and Xamanek are Copenhagen-based musicians and composers. The R&B infused chamber-music of Ydegirl combined with Xamanek’s idiosyncratic electronic compositions push the limits of song and sound. For their new performance, they have created a visual world to accompany the music.


Varnrable (b. 1992, Norway) is a music project by Norwegian producer, singer and visual artist Camilla Myhre, based in Copenhagen. As Varnrable, Myhre produces slick synth-pop, set on top of icily cool productions, using repetitive pulsing her tunes have an almost hypnotic effect. She expands her show with imagery created from her work as an artist.


For CHART, Copenhagen-based lead singer of Danish band Iceage, Elias Bender Rønnenfelt (b. 1992, Denmark) will create a collaborative DJ-set with Canadian LA-based multidisciplinary artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt (b. 1973, US). Dewitt, who has previously produced music videos for Iceage create the visuals for this playful and exciting collaboration.


Pen Gutt (b. 1995, Norway) calls himself a ‘complete nerd’, growing up in a nature-immersed town in Norway, going to Christian summer camp. This is one of many reasons that make him such an original artist. As a result of an upbringing atypical to most rappers, Pen Gutt’s music is similarly atypical and his individual style will transcend the music into the visual style of his performance at CHART.


Arvida Byström (b. 1991, Sweden) comes from a photography background but works with multiple mediums such as music and installation. Her practice exists in the intersections of pop culture and the art world, which is also apparent in her work as a musician. Arvida uses hyper-feminized aesthetics to question and challenge these same concepts and she will use her own cross-disciplinary imagery as visuals for her Friday night performance at CHART.


Swedish DJ, producer and artist Rudolf Nordström (b. 1990, Sweden), is the uncrowned king of the Nordic club scene. Combining underground and mainstream in a heady mix of the lush experimental and dancefloor beats, Mr. Tophat absorbs genres and makes them his own. For his show at CHART Danish artist Emma Rosenzweig will provide accompanying visuals to his DJ-act.


Tokyo Twins is an audio-visual duo consisting of Simon Daniel Tegnander Wenzel (b. 1988, Germany) and Anne Ødegård (b.1990, Norway), drawing inspiration from European electronic music history, folklore and fantasy in their musical expression. They have come to call their sound ‘eurodeath’ and ‘digital phantasee’. Their show will be accompanied by the duo’s own visuals and their work can also be experienced in the Emerging exhibition.




Pianist and producer August Rosenbaum (b. 1987, Denmark) has become a household name in the Danish music scene, known for his ingenious approach to piano music. Among his notable works are the two acclaimed solo albums VISTA (2017) and RASA (2018), his score for visual artist Jesper Just’s ballet Interpassivities at BAM (NY, 2018), as well as a massive palette of collaborations with artists like Quadron, Rhye, Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon, Kindness and others. Saturday 18:00 – 18:30


Josephine Philip and Hannah Schneider are both known from the pop music scene, where they have successful careers as both solo artists and in bands like Darkness Falls, AyOwa and the female choir Korage. Since 2018 the two singers, songwriters and composers have collaborated as the performance duo Philip | Schneider creating seducing spatial compositions that engage the body, ears and mind. With a new choir arrangement of eight female voices and a flower laboratory developed in collaboration with Poppykalas – a Copenhagen-based floral design studio – Philip | Schneider have created an immersive installation that engages all senses. The piece investigates our anchorage in the cycle of nature, or the lack thereof, and creates a platform for contemplation and reflection. Soil – Water – Sun will show on: Saturday 31 August at 12.30 – 13.00, 13.30 – 14.00, 15.30 – 16.00, 16.30 – 17.00. Sunday 1 September at 12.30 – 13.00, 14.30 – 15.00.


Presented at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) the sculpture Tête by Louise Alenius (b. 1978, Denmark) invites visitors to enter a miniature concert hall in the form of a vast wooden replica of the artist’s own head. Inside the sculpture, a new sound work composed by Louise Alenius plays on a loop. The entire work is a celebration of raw, untrammelled thoughts, ideas and music – and a space created to protect such things. Louise Alenius will perform for audiences – one at a time – on Sunday 1 September at 14.00, Sunday 15 September at 14.00, Friday 27 September at 16.00, and Sunday 27 October at 14.00. The production and installation of the work is sponsored by the Augustinus Foundation.

Header image of August Rosenbaum by Lasse Dearman.