Fien Muller


Fien Muller will be presented by The Apartment at CHART DESIGN 2016.



Why do you design?
It is for us the perfect way to combine our artistic work with the functional part. It is nice to think about objects that surround us in our daily lives and where the need origin from.



What is good design?
Good design surprises – it has to be simple but different in a brilliant way.



What are your ideas behind “The Long Table”, which is being showcased at CHART DESIGN?
Good balance between proportion, colour and material.



Fien Muller’s photography is suggestive of someone who considers everything in her daily life to be up for participation in the theatre of her compositions. With both Fien Muller and her partner being artists, it is natural that the collection sits somewhere between design and art – it is obviously “furniture” but the emphasis is not completely concentrated on function and suggests different ways of living and use of space… An uncanny twist on universal forms.



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