Louise Alenius: Tête

Louise Alenius by the work, Tête. Photo: Justin Hummerston. Image Courtesy Statens Museum for Kunst



Date & Time

1 Sep14:00


Statens Museum for Kunst

Presented at the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) the sculpture Tête by Louise Alenius (b. 1978, Denmark) invites visitors to enter a miniature concert hall in the form of a vast wooden replica of the artist’s own head. Inside the sculpture, a new sound work composed by Louise Alenius plays on a loop. The entire work is a celebration of raw, untrammelled thoughts, ideas and music – and a space created to protect such things. Louise Alenius will perform for audiences – one at a time – on: Sunday 1 September at 14.00, Sunday 15 September at 14.00, Friday 27 September at 16.00, and Sunday 27 October at 14.00. The production and installation of the work is sponsored by the Augustinus Foundation.