Hannah Heilmann – Artist Talk

Water colour image by Hannah Heilmann.

Hannah Heilmann 'Præreformatorisk kjoleskrift' (2019). Image courtesy of the Artist



Date & Time

27 Aug16:00 – 17:00


Holly Golightly

Hannah Heilmann wil give a talk on her installation in the windows of the Holly Golightly store. Hannah Heilmann works in the cross-field between classic and performative disciplines where the hierarchy between props, costumes, social exchange and finished artworks breaks down. Clothing and the fashion store, are currently central motives in her artistic practice, as is the connection between the private body, the web of cultural capitals and consumer economies, and the pre-traumatic condition of the climate crisis. Heilmann’s installation in the windows of the Holly Golightly store builds on her research on the phenomenon of ‘modest fashion’, which covers multiple arbitrary and yet overlapping trends in recent year’s fashion. Notions of power, function, romance, luxury and humility intersect in the meeting between Heilmann’s eclectic mix of video, ceramics, dresses and crumbling archival material, and the legendary, eccentrically playful and luxurious Holly Golightly store.

Hannah Heilmann (b. 1978, Denmark) was co-director in the artist groups TOVES (2010-17) and Ingen Frygt (2001-10), and has had a wide range of performances, solo and group shows in Denmark and internationally. The installation by Hannah Heilmann is part of the pop-up exhibition Window shopper, which presents works by artists who all engage in fashion as part of their artistic practice. The exhibition takes place in some of the most characteristic fashion stores across Copenhagen exploring the mutual fascination and admiration between art and fashion. Window shopper is developed in collaboration with CHART and artist Esben Weile Kjær on the basis of the project ‘Modeskolen’ initiated by Hannah Heilmann, Associate Professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.

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