Saturday september 2 16:30 DESIGN MUSEUM DENMARK

Ambiguity as a Resource for Design

International speakers have been invited to discuss the potentials of ambiguity as a conceptual framework for design.
Speakers: Lina-Marie Köppen, Founder of interdisciplinary design studio LIMAKO, Social Design Academy Eindhoven, Academy Fashion and Design /AMD Hamburg, intergral part of Droog. Currently working at IKEA. Marianne Zamecznik, Curator, writer and director of Oslo Open, Johanna Agerman Ross, Curator at V&A and co-founder of Disegno, Peter Lang, Design critic, Professor Architectural Theory and History, Architecture, Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Sweden. Design Museum Denmark

CHART DESIGN is supported by Nordic Culture Point, Denmark’s National Bank Anniversary Foundation, Norwegian Crafts and the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs for this project.

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