Croy Nielsen

Birke Gorm, Common crazy IV, 2020, burlap, canvas, tie linings, yarn, grommets, 150 × 170 cm.
Photo by Courtesy the artist and Croy Nielsen

Nina Beier (DK, b. 1975)
Birke Gorm (DK/DE, b. 1988)

Nina Beier’s practice is best characterised by rigorous investigation of inherent meaning in things and actions. Aspects of production and ideas of display, value and ownership, and the manner in which these are perceived and received, are amplified and subverted in many of her diverse works.

Birke Gorm’s work deals with Western concepts of interior/exterior, the domestic, and the outdoors, and thereby addresses social norms, gender representations, and class relations. She is inspired by decorative handicrafts and amateur art, and by the iconography of ancient to contemporary painting history.

Croy Nielsen
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