In 2017 CHART ART FAIR will collaborate with Cph Art Week. Cph Art Week is an event connecting and communicating across the entire Danish art scene; an art scene encompassing a wide range of dedicated partners. The objective is to affirm Copenhagen as a metropolis for high quality contemporary art accommodating both mainstream and narrow artistic activities and to open up art to a wide audience. Their aspiration is to provide the audience, curators, art professionals and artists with an insight into current art activities as well as to develop new strategies of cooperation among the diverse institutions held by the art scene. As CHART ART FAIR especially aims to promote and stimulate the Nordic art scene, the fair forms a perfect partner of Cph Art Week.

This year Cph Art Week runs from 23 August – 3 September 2017 and will combine the best of the contemporary art scene with a sensory extravaganza of sound. 
Under the title SOUND & VISION, Cph Art Week 2017 examines the artistic intersection between sound and vision and presents not just the latest contemporary art that integrates sound and music, but also the artists who find inspiration through this universe.The programme investigates how we create and interpret a cultural and social identity through art’s combination of images, sound and music.


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