Ditte Hammerstrøm



Ditte Hammerstrøm will be presented by Galerie Maria Wettergren at CHART DESIGN 2016.



Why do you design?
I have always been interested in the things that we surround ourselves with and the way they make us interact. Since my childhood I have been hammering, gluing, screwing and sewing things together. There have always been new ideas lingering, waiting to be tested – I simply cannot help it.


What is good design?
It is when an object or idea contributes to something new, either in the form of quality or beauty. Or by being innovative, surprising or able to create or change habits. When something is able to create a moment of marvel.


What are your ideas behind “Side by Side / Low Mohair”, which is being showcased at CHART DESIGN?
I have worked with decoration as a form-creating element. I have experimented with transforming a detail into a bearing part of the furniture, through the repetition of a specific decorative detail.


Ditte Hammerstrøm was born in 1971. She currently lives and works in Copenhagen. Considered as an important pioneer of the renewal of the Nordic design scene, the Danish designer Ditte Hammerstrøm has already received several prestigious prizes such as the “Walk The Plank Award” in 2008 and the “Finn Juhl Architecture Prize” in 2011. She has her own design studio in Copenhagen since 2000.

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