Sabine Marcelis & Brit van Nerven



Sabine Marcelis and Brit van Nerven will be presented by Etage Projects at CHART DESIGN 2016.



Why do you design?

We would not know what else to do.



What is good design?

Cleverness and results, which make you want to take a second glance.



What are your ideas behind the “SEEING GLASS”, which is being showcased at CHART DESIGN?

We continue to experiment with visual perception using layered glass. Two of our findings were that playing with colour, but also the shape of the objects really create a warp in your perception of space. The SEEING GLASS HUE collection is a follow up to our SEEING GLASS OFFROUND mirrors, but now also adding a secondary illusion of depth with the addition of a the non-uniform layer of colour. The use of color isan intuitive but considered choice. The mirrors need to be able to work in different spaces so they are in colours which allow for integration within existing interiors but also have a strong presence as stand-alone objects.

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