Artworks by Kent Iwemyr

Kent Iwemyr was born 1944 in Hallstahammar (Sweden). He currently lives and works in Hallstahammar (Sweden).


The Swedish painter Kent Iwemyr (born in 1944) primarily works in small and medium-sized formats, depicting daily life around him. In numerous scenes of everyday life, he draws on an unusual aesthetic coupled with a fine sense of irony and allusive titles. With his figurative painting, Iwemyr consciously positions himself beyond an academic professionalism as dictated by art history in the representation of people and landscapes. The arrangement of perspective and the anatomy of figures step into the background in favour of an ‘unschooled’ pictorial language. This anti-academic approach intensifies and becomes an ironic topos in the eponymous work The Painting Genius, in which Iwemyr shows an artist at his easel painting the portrait of two elks in the great outdoors.


Kent Iwemyr is represented by Galleri Magnus Karlsson.

Kent Iwemyr